Social responsibility


As part of Romstal Group, we fully assume the group policies regarding our responsibilities to the community in which we operate, the environmental and security policies. For us sustainable development is a principle applied every day.

We support projects that aim to increase the quality of life in the community in which we operate. We are actively involved in areas such as sport, education, culture through sponsorship, and various active support programs. Last but not least, we are concerned about the level of satisfaction of our employees, their families, their security, the safety of returning healthily every day in the middle of the family.

Sustainable Development​

Every time we design or manufacture a product, we take into account the resources consumed and saving possibilities. By investing in research, development and technological innovation, we are able to offer our customers products that in turn offer a low consumption of resources. Manufacturing processes involve a continuing concern for reducing raw material and energy consumption, recycling waste and technological waste, offering an alternative for recycling at the end of a product's life.

Statement on the policy of the integrated quality-environment-occupational health and safety system

The quality, main characteristic of VALROM Industry srl is ensured by:​

  • Developing relationships with clients in order to meet the requirements expressed by them;
  • Perpetual updating of product ranges, stocks and offerings on the market;
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of employees, shareholders and all stakeholders.

Environmental Policy Objectives:

  • Effective use of raw materials, materials and utilities to save natural resources;
  • Quantitative reduction of waste and treatment according to the legislation in force;
  • Proper management of hazardous wastes and wastes;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental activities and pollution prevention.​

Occupational Health and Safety Policy Objectives:

  • Ensuring health and safety at work for their own employees, contractors and visitors;
  • Prevention of occupational accidents and illness;
  • Implement and comply with legal requirements and other applicable OH & S requirements;
  • Promoting positive attitudes towards work and continuous improvement of working conditions.  

These commitments will be made by:

  1. Continuous maintenance, operation, development and improvement in the following areas: quality, environment, health and safety at work.
  2. Identify, plan, implement, manage and continuously improve processes in VALROM using KAIZEN methods.
  3. Improving internal communication at all levels of the organization and the outside, with customers and stakeholders.
  4. Compliance with current legislation and regulations on quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
  5. Supplying quality products and services purchased from rated suppliers.
  6. Improving manufacturing technologies and control techniques to increase the performance of their own products and minimize the use of natural resources.
  7. Continuous improvement of equipment and plant capabilities by expanding the investment program through upgrading and optimization
  8. Using the information system to streamline internal and external communication.
  9. Permanent training of all employees on quality assurance, environmental protection, health and safety at work so that performance in the field of quality-environment-health and safety
  10. Effective management of the financial, material and human resources available to VALROM.
  11. Identifying hazards, assessing risks and establishing controls to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements the company has subscribed to at its own risk OH & S
  12. Identifying Hazards, Assessing Risks and Establishing Controls to Comply with Applicable Legal Requirements and Other Requirements The Company has subscribed to its own risk OH & S
  13. Design of workplaces, processes, installations, equipment / machines, operational procedures and work organization on the principles of health and safety at work.
  14. Respect for fundamental human rights and the provision of general social work conditions for workers
  15. Provides ongoing information about the potential impact on the environment associated with the transport, delivery or use of the product, as well as treatments at the end of the life cycle and reintegration in nature of its products.


The VALROM management provides the framework and resources necessary to meet the general and specific objectives of the quality-environment-occupational health and safety policy by each employee of the organization and undertakes to ensure the freedom of action and organizational authority necessary for the personnel who manages, executes and verifies the determinant activities for product quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety. At the same time, the objectives and strategies are developed and monitored in such a way as to ensure the fulfillment of the organization's mission:

"We produce and supply complete systems for water-gas-sewerage networks and sanitary or heating installations in Southeastern Europe"

Catalin CORACI

Chief Executive Officer




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