PPR pipes and fittings :: May 1, 2018


- KIWA certified According to international standards and are completely safe for use in the transport of drinking water and heat.
It does not affect the quality of the drinking water flowing through the system, it is completely recyclable and is resistant to corrosion and internal abrasion;
low coefficient of thermal conductivity, an important feature for avoiding condensation and avoiding unpleasantness caused by it (mold, plastering, stains, etc.);
It is resistant to mechanical shocks;
Joints are made by polyphase, one of the safest methods of joining, both in terms of eliminating the risk of system losses and eliminating human error when assembling;
The system has stability over a wide range of chemicals and high temperatures and can be used up to temperatures of + 90 ° C;
It has a low resistance to flow: prevents the formation of deposits on the walls and clogging;

It is a sound insulator, the noise produced by fluid flow is completely absent even at high flow rates;
It is easy to handle, transported and stored due to its low weight;
Can be easily mounted with the use of specific equipment (polyphase welding machine).

Life span: 50 years
Short installation time

Initial investment, regardless of application, is at least 20% lower;
Large range of pipe applicability (hot / cold water, heating)
The complete range, both in diameters and sizes of fittings, allows all types of works to be covered, ranging from residential installations to industrial halls where large diameters are required.

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