Valrom is BIM ready :: July 10, 2019


VALROM supports BIM technology and some of our products are now "BIM ready"

What is BIM technology?
The concept of Building Information Technology (BIM) is a digital representation (in a 3D file format) of a building, with all the functional and material features included - both for the building as a whole and for each of its components - starting with design stage. The BIM technology enables architects, designers and engineers to design, build and exploit the building much easier and more efficiently.

Each component of the building is a BIM object. This means that for each object (window, door, wall, etc.) there are built in information about:
* product properties (eg thermal performance etc.)
* physical features (eg dimensions etc)
* a graphic representation of how the product looks at 1:1 scale
* functionality data (positioning, manipulation, etc.) as delivered by the manufacturer
Briefly, a BIM object is a geometrically defined construction element that includes all the features of the physical product.

BIM assures teamwork throughout the planning, design, construction and operation of buildings. Each team can make changes to the project in each phase and they can be viewed in real time by other coworkers. The data is stored in a single location and anyone can see the latest version at any time along with the history of changes and the contributions of each other. The risk of any management errors is kept at minimum.

BIM technology allows users to see the building in full and at the desired level of detail, and how it is affected by any changes made - appearance, space, dimensional conflicts, installation dimensions, energy performance, construction planning, material lists, construction milestones etc. The subsequent management of the building is facilitated by detailed plans and precise positioning of each element, material lists and related suppliers etc.

At this moment, VALROM Industry has adopted BIM technology for 2 product groups:
* PexKIT - PEXa pipes and related fittings for radiators
* RandomKIT - PPR pipes and fittings for thermal installations.
Each of them is available as a product family & project template in Autodesk Revit 2016 format.
They can be downloaded free of charge from or through platform (registration required).

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