Water softeners :: April 15, 2018


Water hardness is the most costly water feature facing homeowners, business people and public institution administrators.

Some of the effects of harsh water are deposits inside the pipes and appliances, high detergent consumption, low soap foam, compromised appearance of sanitary items, high electricity consumption in heating appliances with thermal agent, skin and hair appearance.

Ion exchange softening is the simplest and most convenient method to reduce water hardness. Ion exchange resins attract and retain ions of dissolved metals in water and release harmless sodium ions to balance the load.


- reduce consumption of detergents;
- reduce power consumption;
- maintain or prolong the service life of the facilities, washing machines or dishwashers, heating plant or boiler, etc .;
- eliminates the cost of repairing damage caused by water hardness;
- prevents bleaching of batteries, sinks and sanitary items in contact with water.

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