AgriKIT - Irrigation Solutions :: March 14, 2018


Irrigation systems are used for orchards and vineyards, open field crops, greenhouses, nurseries and landscapes. Watering through these systems is convenient, and the investment is cushioned in a very short time.


Regular udders - they can be programmed or started at any time, bringing added comfort and safety in using the systems.
Uniformity and accuracy in water distribution - helps to distribute water uniformly so that all crops will enjoy the same amount of water.
Water saving Intelligent irrigation systems do not start during rainy periods, so they save large amounts of water when necessary, distribute a good amount of water so that no waste is done. Moreover, because in some cases watering can be done at night, there will be no loss of water by evaporation due to excessive heat.
Low risk of fungal diseases When the soil gets too hot, the risk of disease and culture infections increases, and as in summer, most days are hot, the problem is getting bigger. An irrigation system periodically cools the soil and prevents plant disease.

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